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Montana Dreamwear from Celeste Sotola

Golden Pony, Viva La Palomino Dancing Gowns. Silk, Hand laced deer suede, metal coin
mbellishments, corset lacing, silk inserts, $1,850 each. Hand made fur felt Great Western Epic Hats,
Montana Dreamwear
If you dare to dream of clothing like this, you will only find it from Montana Dreamwear.  Heart-stopping, breathtaking, incredible awe.  This is the ultimate in southwest style.  Read on as the designs of Celeste Sotola manifest the dreams of every woman who has dared to dream westward.


Celeste Sotola Owner/Designer Montana Dreamwear

I have been in love with nature all my life, my eyes hungry for the energy in it's quiet. The mountains, the big skies, the clean air, the wild flowers of the spring, these are the vitamins I take in every day.

From very young to now, I have opened doors to rooms in my big house of my mind. I have indulged in the arts to quench my curiosity. Painting, photography, textile and clothing design, interior design, composing on my piano; each room a different approach to the same theme. Creativity.

I have been acknowledged through awards, fellowships and publications in every endeavor I enter into. I believe in a simple thought, one that I say to myself many times when curiosity tickles my mind. "The only thing I can't do is what I haven't done."  I allow myself the opportunity to fail, because it is in the failing that the surprises are hidden --- Celeste Sotola

For more designs and information visit her website at



Our Cover Photo with Model Christina Opar - Ode to Annie Okley

Ode to Annie Oakley, smoked deer leather, ombre-dyed hand- twisted fringe, leather; hand-made wild flowers, 24 CT gold-plated stars, brocade-lined. $1,800. Montana Dreamwear


Close -up; all flowers hand-made by Celeste.

Ode to Annie Oakley from the back

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Montana Dreamwear

O'Keeffe-inspired black Spanish crown hat with skull and gold coin

This homage to Okeeffe is my belief in the strength and power you channel by wearing your inspiration---designer Celeste Sotola


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